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When her son Preston is killed in a car crash, Sandra (played by Miami Actress, Barbie Castro) is devastated. To let his friends know of the tragic death and hoping to salvage any photos of him, she begins to go through his social media accounts.


During this time, she discovers communication between Preston and his vindictive girlfriend, Krystal.


After seeing conversations in which Krystal (played by DOOLs Kate Mansi) tried to get Preston to kill her ex, Sandra is appalled. But when Krystal’s ex is found dead, Sandra is certain that this was Krystal’s plan all along—she murdered her ex and orchestrated Preston’s ‘accident’ as well.


Now Sandra must find a way to prove it before Krystal silences her once and for all.





Review of Boyfriend Killer:

“This movie is another gem from the "Killer" series by Concorde Films and Barbie Castro.The movie has all the thrills and twists of a big budget suspense film. An absolute must watch you will be surprised till the very end. Enjoy this ride it is excellent!”

- Lily

Barbie Castro


Kate Mansi


Yancy Butler


Patrick Muldoon


Miguel Fasa

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