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It's been two years since Dylan McNalt killed himself. Therapist Victoria Wrightmar has been struggling to forgive herself ever since. After all, Dylan was her patient. and she allowed him to get too close.

Victoria has managed to start a new practice specializing in dreams and hypnotherapy, and with the success of her newest book and the support of her boyfriend Jason, it seems like things are finally looking up. Until Blaire Bennett walks into Victoria's office.

Blaire has been suffering from disturbing dreams, and a peculiar hypnosis session reveals that her case is startlingly similar to Dylan's. Is history repeating itself?


Victoria's life begins to spiral out of control as other patients begin relapsing in their progress and Victoria's loved ones find themselves in harm's way. But is there somebody pulling the strings from the shadows, or is Victoria-the only thing linking it all together-somehow responsible?




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Casper Van Dien

Victoria Pratt


Richard Burgi


Patrick Muldoon


Barbie Castro



Review of Patient Killer:

“This movie is another gem from the "Killer" series by Concorde Films and Barbie Castro.The movie has all the thrills and twists of a big budget suspense film. An absolute must watch you will be surprised till the very end. Enjoy this ride it is excellent!”

- Lily

Review of Patient Killer:

“So it's refreshing to see a truly independent film such as Patient Killer get it's day to shine. The first thing that struck me with this film was the beautiful cinematography. Technically this film was brilliant, lighting, sound design, set design etc. The characters in this film, led by Caspar Van Dien, Barbie Castro & Victoria Pratt, do a wonderful job of leading us through an intricate maze of story and misdirection.”

- Jeffrey Freeman

Film Production Company, Miami Film Production, Miami Actress

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